Ted Wilson

Personal Mixologist (Retired)


If you want to understand today, you have to search yesterday.

- Pearl Buck                   


Today’s cutting-edge mixology began over 30 years ago with the rediscovery of America’s pre-Prohibition golden age of classic cocktails.  Reviving those classics gave us new ways to enjoy old drinks. They also cleansed our palates in preparation for the spread of today’s finely crafted cocktail innovations.  Without yesterday, there can be no today.  Without today, there is no tomorrow.  History is the path to the future. 

I may be retired, but I’m still mixing, still discovering, still learning.  Make me an offer and maybe I’ll take a break from the grueling leisure of this retired life.  Let’s call this new role …

The Cocktail Kibitzer 
Like the crotchety old curmudgeon who sits on the park bench and comments about everything, I can still kibitz about cocktails. 

  • You want an opinion, a few thoughts, a suggestion or two?
  • You want a special cocktail for an upcoming event?
  • You want just enough training so you can show your corner barkeep up?
  • Are you the corner barkeep that just got shown up by that crank down the street?

If I’m not doing anything else, maybe I can come around and give you a hand. 

History is a relentless master. It has no present, only the past rushing into the future. To try to hold fast is to be swept aside. 

- John F. Kennedy                


Classic Martini


The Five Archetypes of Classic Mixology:  Coming soon. A learned overview of how I distilled over two centuries of mixology into five archetypal mixtures. The history, theory, and other myths behind The Classic Mixer.

Guerrilla Cocktails:  Like a contemporary Johnny Applejack planting the seeds of classically influenced cocktails, I applied these simple archetypes to create spontaneous, off the cuff cocktails using only the resources immediately available. This blog documenting my visits to local establishments, friends’ liquor cabinets, and even my own kitchen has been discontinued.

Classic Mixer Facebook Page:  I no longer have the Guerrilla Cocktail blog, but I am still putting things up on my Classic Mixer Facebook Page from time to time.  Check it out!


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