I have taken the scenic route through life. Professionally, among other pursuits and not necessarily in any particular order, I have been a short order cook, a stockbroker, a writer, a counselor and therapist, a conference consultant, a retail electronics salesperson, a performing artist, a trade-show booth designer, a theatre director and teacher, a marketing director (twice), a juggler, a substitute teacher (with a blood-stained white shirt to prove it), a development director, a mask maker, a community arts center director, a community theatre manager (twice), a health insurance salesman, a comedy improv performer, and a funeral pre-planning salesman. I once presented this list to a group and someone quipped, “He can’t hold a job!” That was closer to the truth than I cared to admit. Retirement has made up for any shortcomings I had in all those jobs.

It wasn’t until I discovered bartending that I had found my true calling. How I went from a greenhorn to a damn fine barman is a part of what my book is all about.

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